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Our first shipment is out!

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

All of this just started out as a way to make my own laptop camera cover that reflected my love for my sorority. I initially bought a minimal amount of covers with the hope that maybe I would be able to sell the rest to my sorority sisters. I posted about them on a sorority forum right before I went to bed.

By noon the next day (during a winter storm), I had already SOLD OUT of my initial stock, and I had orders for another batch. In addition, I was being asked to make some for the rest of the D9.

A week later, I have already mailed our first shipment, and have designed covers for the rest of the D9, as well as some colleges. I guess I have caught the bug!

Please sign up for updates about what other covers we have planned. If you have a recommendation - please email it to:

First Shipment is “Outta Here”

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